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Strength & Stamina

We believe it is crucial that clients select the exercise or allied health professional that suits them relevant to the Rehabilitation stage they are in. Whilst we are very experienced in dealing with many different injuries and rehabilitation programs, if we feel you would benefit from someone with more expertise in a certain area than us we will recommend this course of action. 

Quite often it will mean you can still attend sessions with us, either private or classes but with some modifications. If the referring allied health professional encourages you to start or continue an exercise program than rest assured we are experts in working in with you and your allied health professional to strengthen and stretch your muscles accordingly.

Some of the generic areas we may be asked to improve may be.

  • Core Strength

  • Specific Muscle Strength

  • Flexibility / Mobility

  • Poor Posture

  • Thoracic Spine

  • Balance

We also use our Hypervibe Vibration Platforms with many of our rehabilitation clients. Vibration training was initially developed to counter the effects of zero gravity in space programs in the 1960s. It has since been found to accelerate gains in strength faster and in less time than traditional training. It does this by recruiting more muscle fibres than conventional exercise. It is now used not only in rehabilitation centres throughout the world but increasingly in traditional fitness centres and with elite level athletes. CLICK HERE for more information on our Hypervibe Vibration Training.

Like all good training programs we need to build a good foundation and maintain consistency. TFM is here to help you throughout your rehabilitation journey as well as when you are ready to look to other goals.


The fields of Rehabilitation and Posture are very well related. If one wants to get back on track after an injury then ensuring your posture is good is a must for the best possible outcome in your rehabilitation.
Posture is a function of strength and flexibility combined. If certain muscles are weak, then that can lead to poor posture. For example, rounded shoulders when your upper back is weak. If your chest and shoulder muscles are tight, then that also can lead to rounded shoulders.
Total Fitness Management includes a Postural Analysis during the first session for Personal Training Clients. For  class clients we are always giving verbal cues to ensure everyone understands the correct position for each exercise. This also includes some manual  adjustments like shoulders down and pelvic tilted to neutral for clients who need some extra attention.

Pilates with Ball