Removing Pain from Exercise

Total Fitness Management has been been using Whole Body Vibration “WBV” Training since 2009. We use it with our adolescents right up to our oldest client who is currently 86 years old. After you use our machine of choice – the Australian Designed Hypervibe you will be able to perform better during your workout with us. Clients can use it as part of a warm up before any of our sessions as well as a massage / circulation for cool downs. WBV training is very good for increasing flexibility and improving recovery.


Whole Body Vibration (WBV) contracts over 80% of the muscles exposed to the vibration platform. By stimulating more muscle fibres than conventional training, we see faster gains in muscle strength and tone. WBV is very good at activating muscles in hard to get to areas like pelvic floor and lumbar spine. Muscle strength is required for one of the most important functions of the human body Balance. Without both strength and balance we perform poorly in life or exercise related activities. This increased muscular activity also facilitates or increases increases circulation (lymphatic drainage, massage), mobility, pelvic floor function, core strength & skin health (Cellulite). So if you like the sound of performance enhancement regardless of your training background, age or gender then our studio is ready to serve you.  

All our services including classes include Vibration Training including but not limited too.

  • Warm Ups

  • Strength / Resistance Exercises

  • Stretching / Mobility

  • Rehabilitation

  • Massage / Recovery / Cool Down

Vibration Tutorial Videos

Vibration Warm Up

Vibration Tips

Vibration Squat

Vibration Training Explaned