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Personal Trainer Stretching Session


Look Good, Feel Good

Personal Training is being seen as an option for more people than ever before for people to reach there Health & Fitness Goals. As a society we are becoming more time poor than ever. Incorporating Personal Training into your fitness regime can offer many benefits, including but not limited too.

  •     Time efficient workouts

  •     Results based programs

  •     Experience & Motivation

  •     Exercise selection to suit your Goals

  •     Nutritional Support:

  •     Empathy to help stay consistent

Here at Total Fitness Management, we are experienced in helping people from all walks of life, exercise experience and ages to reach there goals, no matter how big or small they may be. We strive to provide knowledge for the client at all times. So time spent with Total Fitness Management is a learning experience for LIFE TIME HEALTH & WELL BEING. We pride our self on listening to our clients and having empathy when required as well as providing the drive when needed. Part of our Personal Training service includes a Needs Analysis incorporating your individual goals as they stand right now.

Below are samples of some of the questions.

  • What do you expect from TFM as your PT?

  • What obstacles may arise to stop you from reaching your goals?

  • What strategies can TFM facilitate to ensure you stay on track to reach your goals?


Group PT sessions are available upon request

Group Workout Session
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Buddy Training is a way of getting the same benefits of Personal Training whilst sharing the costs. Here at TFM we have many different structures in place to ensure our Buddy Sessions run as smoothly as possible and each client gets the Personal Attention that they require. 

Buddy Training is usually with 2 people, but can be arranged as a 3 person session, although this limits your time with the trainer. This style is best suited when all of the clients have similar goals, but it is not a necessity for it to work. Usually the two clients will know each other, but we have buddied up people in the past that do not know each other if their times suit. An example of how a session can work when the two clients have different goals is.  1 client doing there Rehab / Core Strength Exercises, whilst the other client is doing a Traditional Bench Press. The session is structured so while one person is resting, the other one has the attention of the Trainer.

From our experience the benefits are not just financial savings for the individual. Buddy Training can make for more fun during the session and when a client is not wanting to exercise, having your friend come along too can help you get through your workout.


The fields of Rehabilitation and Posture are very well related. If one wants to get back on track after an injury then ensuring your posture is good is a must for the best possible outcome in your rehabilitation.
Posture is a function of strength and flexibility combined. If certain muscles are weak, then that can lead to poor posture. For example, rounded shoulders when your upper back is weak. If your chest and shoulder muscles are tight, then that also can lead to rounded shoulders.
Total Fitness Management includes a Postural Analysis with all of its Personal Training Programs, ensuring you are working towards having the best possible posture you can.
Our Preferred allied health partner is the team from PhyxMe Physiotherapy, who we work with when clients need the expertise of a physiotherapist for rehabilitation or a prior chronic condition. The Owners, Chris and Megan in particular have been supporters of Total Fitness Management since 2010. In that time we have developed a close working relationship and have benefited from each others unique skills. Megan in particular was instrumental in the early days with my Hypervibe Vibration Training.
It is wonderful to know that when we refer a client to PhyxMe that they will always treat the client with the utmost respect they deserve, as well being leaders in Rehabilitation and Human Movement.
We have learnt much from the team at PhyxMe both as a referring professional and as a client.

Physical Therapy Session
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Training for Men and Women have more similarities than differences. At Total Fitness Management, we believe Women actually have some key strengths over Men when it comes to certain areas of Health & Fitness. One of my first speciality courses I did way back in 2001 was Resistance Training for Women.
One of the key areas of differences is upper to lower body strength. With correct exercise selection and progressive overload we can improve this in a matter of months. For Women with weak core muscles for whatever reason, we usually recommend some Vibration Training combined with some Yoga / Pilates exercises. Vibration Training is the best method we know of to recruit hard to get to areas like the pelvic floor.
Women do not build muscle like Men, but when they do build a little they become much more efficient at BURNING FAT…. Compare a stock standard 4 cylinder engine to a 4 cylinder with a Turbo Charger.
Think of your Metabolism……. as your engine