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Helping families be strong and healthy for life

TFM has been training families or relatives together since 2002. Including siblings joining together for Buddy PT, through to full stand alone family sessions. As well we have had many family members joining the same class on a regular basis. 



There are many benefits with including family members with your exercise. One obvious example is that Mum and Dad can join in rather than have to wait for your session to finish. We are all busier than ever with the way the modern world is going. The biggest excuse we here in the fitness industry for not exercising is "I don't have enough time" We just made some time for everyone. We can also customize a membership with a family discount to help get you started. 

Training Options

The options for training with family members or friends are many. If you choose a stand alone private session we can customize the workout to suit. Or you can simply join a Class or Group PT Session together. 

Some of the custom sessions we can offer are!

Strength (including free weights)

Circuits (specific type)

Boxing (fitness and boxing skills)

Stretching (tailored for the individual)

We can and often do, combine either a strength or circuit session with boxing session. We can also set our timer to cater for different goals when running strength and circuit sessions. As well as rest periods. ​

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