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We provide professional fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out our offerings, these can be combined and changed to suit your budget and goals anytime. Giving you complete control and flexibility with your exercise.


Fun Fitness in a Group

Our classes have a maximum of 10 clients per session. This ensures your coach can be there to support you at all times. 

Monitoring technique, posture and intensity. As well as offering exercise alternatives when required as well as how to progress safely with your training. EG - Increasing your intensity safely.


You must ensure you have a pass to reserve a place in any of our classes. We have visit passes as well as unlimited passes available.


Look Good, Feel Good

Personal Training is being seen as an option for more people than ever before for people to reach there Health & Fitness Goals.

It does not matter if it is a short term or a long term goal PT is a good choice.

Incorporating Personal Training into your fitness regime can offer many benefits, including but not limited too.

  •     Time efficient workouts

  •     Increased support levels.

  •    Accountability to achieve results

  •     Ability to customise exercise

  •     Nutritional support

  •  Stretching knowledge 


Accelerate Your Results

Total Fitness Management has been been using Whole Body Vibration “WBV” Training since 2009. We use it with our adolescents right up to our oldest client who is currently 83 years old. After you use our machine of choice – the Australian Designed Hypervibe you will be able to perform better during your workout with us. We use it as part of our warm ups, private and class sessions as well as for recovery.


Strength - Mobility - Fitness

We have been offering strength classes specifically designed for seniors since 2012. They are very popular and run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.00am for 35mins. (bookings are essential) There is a real sense of community and belonging in the seniors classes which is great for achieving results and keeping motivation. On many occasions they head to a local coffee shop afterwards as a reward.


Removing Pain from Exercise

Whilst we are very experienced in dealing with many different injuries and rehabilitation programs, if we feel you would benefit from someone with more expertise in a certain area than us we will recommend this course of action. 

We believe it is crucial that clients select the exercise or allied health professional that suits them relevant to the Rehabilitation stage they are in.

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