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We would like to offer a sincere and warm welcome to both new and returning members to Total Fitness Management. (TFM)

It does not matter if you are new to a studio/gym environment, returning to exercise after a break, or just using TFM to compliment your current exercise.


Our goal is the same - to coach you for success with your exercise, whilst taking into consideration your current mindset, lifestyle, budget, and individual goals.


If we feel you require a change of program will be there to provide support during this process.



Arrival: Aim for 10 mins before start time. If you are going to be 5 - 10mins late still attend. (we will cater for you)


Take your footwear off or clean at the door. Bare feet training offers many benefits at TFM.

Warm Up

Always proceed to one of our recommended warm ups suitable for your current health and fitness.


Let your coach know ASAP if you have any new health conditions, pain or injuries.


We recommend you bring your own water bottle and you are hydrated before starting your session.


Carry a small hand towel with you at all times.

Exercise Technique

If you are unsure of a technique with an exercise., ask your coach before the session starts.


We have many ways for you to progress your training, including minor adjustments to your technique and / or intensity as well as adding in new exercises.

New-Excercise  Variety

New Exercises - Variety: Your coach will help you to learn new exercises when it is suitable. Please do not attempt advanced exercises without asking your coach.

Unwind and Enjoy

We take positivity seriously. You are responsible for the energy you bring into the studio, leave your stress at the door and focus your energy on your workout. TFM is a negative free zone.


Studio Procedures & Policies

At we, TFM prides ourself on providing the most professional, positive, and caring service possible. For us to be able to continue to do this, we ask that you respect our policies and let us help you not only enjoy your time spent exercising but ensure we help you reach your goals.

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  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before your session

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before starting your warm-up.

  • Ask your coach for the best warm-ups for yourself if you are unsure.

Class Conclusion

  • Leaving a class early: You MUST tell your COACH upon arrival.

  • And complete our Express Stretching Routine which takes < 5mins before leaving.


  • Leave your stress, either personal or work at the door and focus on the positives of making the time to exercise.

  • Understand that your coach is there to help you reach your goals by providing experience and support when you need it the most.

  • Download our mobile app from our


  • Use our CHAT FEATURE or email from the TFM app.

  • Arrive early and talk with your coach, or after your session.

  • TFM has around 70 - 80 active clients. SMS is not an option.


  • We can customise a membership or pass to suit any changes in your budget, lifestyle, or goals. Only your coach can pause a membership.

  • Purchase via our website or mobile app.

  • Note: Some memberships are not available online and your coach will be required to help with these.

  • Seniors use “senior” for 10% disc off visit passes only.


​Enforcing our cancellation policy is crucial for us to provide the best possible service for all TFM Clients.

  • Book and cancel via our website or mobile app.

  • As all Classes have "waitlists" cancelling early gives other clients time to attend and take your place.

  • If it was an unavoidable situation, we ask that you explain briefly in person and we will consider not enforcing the policy.

To cancel within the policy:

  • Group PT & Classes: > 6 hours -

  • Private Training > 12 hours

  • Late cancellations are the same as a no-show and your credit will be forfeited.


  • Ask referrals to go to our website and register as a client. This allows us to evaluate their health screen and determine which sessions they are suitable for.

  • As a thank you for recommending our studio you will receive a $25 account credit.

Strength Plus Program

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