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Stretching at TFM

Maintaining or improving mobility is important for everyone. 

At TFM we have the knowledge to help coach you for success regardless of your current mobility/flexibility. 

Through the use of our vibration platforms and resistance bands, we have developed unique stretching routines to help even the stiffest individual get results. Check out our slide video below to see somehow easy it is to learn and stretch at TFM

Resistance Bands

Through the use of resistance bands, we can cater for both low mobility and very flexible clients. As the bands help to support the body in many ways.

As the image to the left / above shows, you can stretch with bands without having to get on the floor. Whilst bands can also help to support the body when performing more advanced stretches which you will see in our gallery below or slider video. Check out how bands can help you to stretch tight shoulders as well. 

Vibration Training

Vibration Training does not only strengthen muscles that are under load, it can also facilitate relaxation of the muscles when in a massage position. As well as increasing circulation and helping to warm the muscles up. Both are crucial for improving mobility and flexibility. 


TFM Generic Stretching

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