A Healthier You

We have been offering strength classes specifically designed for seniors since 2012. They are very popular and run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.00am for 35mins. (bookings are essential) There is a real sense of community and belonging in the seniors classes which is great for achieving results and keeping motivation. On many occasions they head to a local coffee shop afterwards as a reward.

Seniors also have the option at any stage of there training with us to take advantage of Personal Training or even Buddy Training. This is great to help get familiar with our equipment or if you have a medical or health condition that needs some closer support. You can combine both private training and classes at any time and as required.

TFM Strength Classes have a max of 10 clients per class. Ensuring that your coach can monitor your technique, posture and intensity during each session. We have both exercise modifications and alternatives for clients who may be struggling with a chronic condition or injury or want to progress further with their training. 

The classes conclude with some cardiovascular exercise using the ropes and slam balls, which are great for not only boosting your metabolism and fitness, but help to release some "feel good hormones" and have you feeling great.


Stretching is also included at the end of the session. We have a full body stretching regime designed so you do not have to get on the ground at all. 

Whole Body Vibration Training is included to help facilitate even faster gains in strength as well as improve recovery, mobility and circulation. Our platforms are all Hypervibes and are full commercial.  See our Vibration Training Page for more information. 

Richard Littlefield Owner of TFM:  0427 628 935