Total Fitness Management (TFM) is a private AC Fitness Studio located close to the city at 146 Mcleod St. Offering a range of fully supervised exercise sessions including both private training and classes. TFM has been providing fitness services in Cairns since 2002, operating out of its current location since 2014. Its owner Richard Littlefield has a lifetime of health & fitness experience and is passionate about sharing his knowledge on the benefits of regular exercise.

TFM provides soft rubber flooring throughout, which means shoes are not required. All you need to bring is a water bottle and a towel. 


  • Of any age, Including from students right through to seniors 

  • Of any fitness level or experience with exercise

  • That are lacking in motivation to exercise regularly.

  • Would like to take their training to the next level with a coach to help them. 


Variety is a key ingredient in maintaining your motivation to exercise. TFM has both motivation and variety covered with a large range of session types, including both private training and classes.

All sessions offer variety and support, and you will always have the flexibility of combining different services to suit your current goals.   

Flexible pricing options are available to suit most budgets. From casual sessions, to 5 or 10 passes through to unlimited class memberships, along with private training options if required.


TFM has chosen exercise equipment that is extremely user friendly so clients can be confident with their technique, posture and intensity ASAP. This means clients can be working towards their goals from their very first session. Some of our equipment includes resistance bands, weighted vests, fit balls, kettle bells and push up bars. We also have a purpose built boxing circuit and 5 commercial vibration platforms along with soft rubber flooring throughout, meaning shoes are not required. 


Whilst most of our equipment is not high tech by any means, our studio offers an advantage to clients training by being equipped with 5 Whole-Body-Vibration (WBV) Platforms. TFM has been using and developing programs with WBV in its own studio and for other fitness centres around Australia since 2009. WBV was developed as part of the Russian and US space program to counter act the effects of zero gravity seen in space. It does this by facilitating an environment for faster gains in strength than traditional training. It is also used in rehabilitation centres, with athletes and boutique studios worldwide. WBV at TFM will ACCELERATE your results from exercise.


Some of the main benefits with WBV Training are

  • Faster warm ups & strength gains

  • Increased muscle fibre recruitment (neuromuscular strength facilitation)

  • Facilitating improvements in rehabilitation, strength & balance

  • Advanced results with flexibility, recovery & circulation


TFM's commitment to you is enhanced along with results when you understand that….

  • Consistency with Exercise will always Trump Intensity

  • Passion & Motivation are the Key Ingredients in maintaining Consistency with your Exercise

  • Finding your Passion & Motivation will make Consistency much, much easier. 

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